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Educational Links and Resources
With the new mandates for social distancing and protocols being put in place to ensure the safety of our students, faculty and staff, we have added some resources that our teachers have been using in the classroom that will allow your students to maintain skills that they have been taught.
At this time, the only mandatory assignments are for students in dual enrollment and credit recovery classes.
Please make sure that you monitor any sites that your child may visit. We will continue to add sites as our teachers send them to us.
The following are websites that we use:
www.starfall.com- This is for Kindergarten and First grade. Students may have a username and password.
www.mobymax.com- Students use this for Math and will have a username and password.
www.readingeggs.com- Students use this for Reading and will have a username and password.
www.teachyourmonstertoread.com- Students use this for Reading and will have username and password.
www.zearn.org- Students use this for Math (up to 5th grade) and will have username and password.
www.edutyping.com- Typing website for students in 8th grade. They will have username and password.
www.edgenuity.com- Online courses for high school students. They will have username and password.
www.prodigygame.com- Students use this for Math and will have username and password.
www.readworks.org Students may need a username and password. This is used for Reading Comprehension but can be used with Science and Social Studies courses.
www.edulastic.com- Students can use this for multiples subjects and may have a username and password.
www.abcya.com- This website has learning games and activities.
www.abcmouse.com/redeem- This is a Reading website for Pre-K through 2nd grade. WHS School Code is SCHOOL3673. Once you put in school code, you will create a username and password.
ademy.com/redeem- This is a Reading website for grades 3rd- 8th. WHS School Code is SCHOOL3673.
www.readingiq.com/redeem- This is a Reading website for grades Pre-k through 6th. WHS School Code is SCHOOL3673.
www.khanacademy.org Lessons for all subjects. If students are already signed up, they can log in with google email.
https://classroommagazines.scholastic.com/ These has Reading activities for multiple grade levels.
www.curriculumassociates.com Math and Reading activities for students in grades K through 8.
www.lumoslearning.com Offers free test prep for LEAP 2025 assessments.
www.xtramath.org  The students who use this website will have usernames or passwords. If your teacher does not use this site, you can sign up with a parent account.
www.juniorlibraryguild.com   - The Junior Library Guild allows students to read online from any device!
https://www.getepic.com/ - Digital library for students ages 12 and under
https://student.esparklearning.com/student/login  Differentiated learning activities in Reading and Math for students in K-5. If you teacher uses this, students will have a username and password. If not you can access this site: https://www.esparklearning.com/at-home and create an at home account for your student.
https://jr.brainpop.com/ All subjects K-3. You can request free access during school closures.
www.brainpop.com  All subjects. You can request free access during school closures.
www.tynker.com  This site is free during school closures. Students can learn how to code computer programs.4
www.pbskids.org  Learning games, videos and activities
www.funbrain.com Online Math and Reading games and activities
www.highlightskids.com  Online Reading and Science activities, games and videos.
https://kids.nationalgeographic.com  Online Reading and Science activities and videos.
www.coolmath4kids.com  Online Math games
www.seussville.com  Online Reading activities, games and videos.
YouTube Channels you may want to visit: (As a reminder, please monitor your child while they are on the internet.)
Crash Course
Science Channel
SciShow Kids
National Geographic Kids
Kids Learning Tube
Science Max
Students who have their folders at home should have their login information for their website that are on my google classroom. To get to my google classroom go to www.google.com and then sign in. Their sign in is their firstname.lastname@jpsbschools.us Example mine would be Ashley.hines@jpsbschools.us. They should know their passwords and how to do this. Then the kids go to the waffle looking set in the top right. Click on it and then click classroom. There are all kinds of websites on my classroom that the children are familiar with.
New website to visit is the https://freedomhomeschooling.com/virtual-field-trips/?fbclid+lwAR02exH1Asxmh7dnsndLqYlEa2nNKqZmO0s65rdCOChpl15EDJVdQk2tA  You can take a trip to the zoo, aquarium, Mount Everest, or the Statue of Liberty all without leaving your home.
I hope you are doing well. If you are able to and would like to, click on Jackson Parish Math Homework Help tab on this website. You will find lots of games and the Embarcc/Eureka lessons. We were on module 2 topic b and also module 5 adding 3 digit numbers. Also work on basic math facts adding and subtracting through 18. The goal is 25 in one minute.
All of my students students have been entered into Zearn (www.zearn.org). This is on my classroom. The username and password should be taped to the inside of their folder. This site is an excellent way for the children to continue their learning. I have started the students at the beginning of the 2nd grade. If you need the student advanced, please email me or Dojo me.
I hope you are doing well! Please find some time to pull from the resources on my Google Classroom and use them to review skills we have learned so far this year. 
I also encourage ALL students to login to XtraMath daily for fact practice!
Before this school cancellation, we would have been starting the Geometry module in Eureka. I am encouraging all students to find and practice any material related to basic geometry for 4th grade.
If you would like to be added to my Zearn class, just email me or message me on Class DOJO. These lessons mirror the Eureka curriculum and take about 20 minutes per day to complete.
Stay safe!
Melinda Henderson
If you are not receiving Class DOJO messages, please download the app, find Weston High School, and look up my class. 
Students can work in Moby Max and Prodigy. Both of these online resources will help with test prep and sharpen the student's math skills.
Tanya Maxwell
English II students can use this time to practice for the LEAP 2025 assessments. Practice assessments with the answers can be found on the Louisiana Believes website at: 
Students can also take English II LEAP 2025 practice assessments at www.lumoslearning.com. They should choose Louisiana for the state, high school and ELA 2.
Thank you,
I have loaded ELA resources for my students in my Google Classroom. Students can log on to the Google Classroom to access these resources.
Mrs. Staples 
I have loaded High School science resources and supplemental science activities into my Google Classroom that students can work on to maintain science skills . Students can log on to the Google Classroom to access these resources.
If you do not have the Class DOJO app, please download that app. Look for Weston High School (Jonesboro, LA) and search for our names: Katie Delaney, Beth Gates, and Katie Ramsey.
We have been messaging resources for our 5th grades students to parents through this app.
Mrs. Delaney
Mrs. Gates
Mrs. Ramsey
Students can use this time to review practice tests on the Louisiana Believe website. There is a practice test with answer key located at https://www.louisianabelieves.com/resources/library/practice-tests
In the section labeled counselor documents is the application and information for the Beaulieu Scholarship. It is due on April 30th. Please complete the application and email it back to me at amy.hay@jpsbschools.us. I will attach the test scores and transcripts for you. Thanks.
Also any other scholarships that come available will be attached in the tab called Counselor Documents. Thanks!
We have posted some packets that can be printed and worked from home. These packets cover skills that we have already covered and can be used to maintain those skills. Please look in the printable resources tab for these items. 
Also if you need to contact us,  you can Class DOJO message Mrs. Lee or Mrs.Otwell or email Ms. Baldwin at sheila.baldwinQ@jpsbschools.us
Thank you,
Ms. Baldwin
Mrs. Lee
Mrs. Otwell
PreK Activities
Week of March 30, 2020
The CDC recommends that children ages 6-17 have 60 minutes of physical activity each day. Here are some virtual resources that you can use to help encourage your student to remain physically active during this school closure.
Just Dance 2020- YouTube- Dancing is the easiest way to get your body moving and a great way for a cardio workout.
Cosmic Kids Yoga- YouTube- Yoga workouts for preschool to elementary school-age kids.
The Body Coach-YouTube-  Easy-to-follow, at-home workouts for everyone can be found on this channel. Joe Wicks is also doing online PE lessons on his channel called PE with Joe.
Coach Josh- Kids Fitness on Amazon Prime
This is for toddlers and preschool students. This video will help students with coordination and balance.
Kids HIIT Workout 2- YouTube 
High-Intensity Interval Training workouts for kids.
GoNoodle Kids- www.gonoodle.com This site has videos and games to encourage kids to wake up their bodies and engage their minds.