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New Online Registration System for New Students

Students who need to enroll for Pre-K for the 2020-2021 and any new students entering grades K-12 will need to go online and complete the Online Registration Form. You can click on the announcement headline enter the Online Registration System (ORS) or enter the following link in the address bar: https://jgrade.jpsb.us/register.
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Weston High School Online Apparel Store

We have a new online apparel store that is available all year. Items will be updated throughout the year. You can place an order at any time. Items can be shipped to your home or to the school. Items on this website are school approved apparel. Click on the title to check out what's in our store.
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Título 1 Noticias

Weston High School es una escuela de Título 1. Un agradecimiento especial para los interesados ​​(profesores, personal, familias, estudiantes y miembros de la comunidad) que participan en la planificación, el desarrollo y la ejecución del Plan de Programa de Título 1 de Toda la Escuela. Todas las partes interesadas están invitadas a participar en todos los aspectos del proceso del Plan de mejoramiento escolar. Si desea revisar el Plan de Programa Escolar actual, llame o visite la oficina principal. Una copia del plan está disponible en formato impreso y digital. El formato digital se puede leer en voz alta a los usuarios que usan Google Read and Write y se puede traducir a cualquier idioma que necesiten las partes interesadas que usan Google Translate. Además, si desea participar en las etapas de planificación del Plan de Titulo 1 del Título 1 o proporcionar información por escrito o verbal, llame o envíe un correo electrónico a Jennifer Tolar al (318) 259-7313 jennifer.tolar@ jpsbschools.us.
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Title I Notice

Weston High School is a Title 1 School. A special thank you goes out to the stakeholders (faculty, staff, families, students, and community members) who take part in the planning, development, and execution of the Title 1 School Wide Program Plan. All stakeholders are invited to participate in all aspects of the School Improvement Plan process. If you would like to review the current School Wide Program Plan, please call or visit the main office. A copy of the plan is available in print and in digital format. The digital format can be read aloud to users using Google Read and Write and can be translated to any language needed by stakeholders using Google Translate. Additionally, if you would like to participate in the planning stages of the Title 1 School Wide Plan or provide written or verbal input, please call or email Jennifer Tolar, at (318) 259-7313 jennifer.tolar@jpsbschools.us.
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Top Gains School

Congratulations to the Weston High School administration, faculty, staff, and students for being named a Top Gains School for 2017. Keep up the good work!
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Anyone who has paid for his or her class ring may pick it up at The Graduate Sales shop on 4203 Cypress Street in West Monroe . Their regular hours are 10-5 Monday-Friday. When we are able to have a ring ceremony, students will bring their rings to school for the ceremony. Thank you.
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WHS Spring Break 2021 Trip to the Florida Keys Informational Meeting

Mr. Arnold will be coordinating a trip to the Florida Keys during the 2021 Spring Break. Students in grades 8th-11th are eligible to attend the trip. There will be an informational meeting this Thursday, January 30th at 5:00 pm in Room 18. For more information you can email Mr. Arnold at richard.arnold@jpsbschools.us.
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